Coadiuvant for the typical manifestations of venous insufficiency

BLOOD CIRCULATION HEALTH - Supports the vascular tone and the microcirculation in the legs, relieving heaviness and preserving a youthful appearance. Nanotechnology boosted

How it works
Venous circulation insufficiency is generated by inflammation. As a consequence the blood circulation is hampered in the veins and the blood pressure stresses intensely the internal vein walls. In the long run serious diseases and pathologies (thrombophlebitis) can occur.
This disease typically affects women because of several reasons: genetic predispositions, unhealthy sedentary habits and works requiring long standing hours.
Venosten Tablets is a dietary supplement containing Diosmin, enriched with Vine and Centella Extracts that help to the regular function of the microcirculation, relieving heaviness of the legs. Vine extract is also used to regulate cardiovascular function.

Venosten Cream contains natural substances such as Resveratrol, Ginkgo Biloba, Centella, Diosmin and Rusco. Leg toner. It helps to reduce signs of fatigue and other imperfections, providing relief to tired and swollen legs. Regular use provides constant protection and helps to reduce skin blemishes.

Presentations and dosages
Tablets: one tablet per day, swallow with water.
Cream: use twice a day, massaging gently from bottom to top. May be applied before putting on compression stockings.

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