Coadiuvant in cases of dyslipidemias

HEART HEALTH - Loxicor helps to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood and a good cardiovascular health

How it works
High levels of cholesterol, due to lifestyle habits, are responsible for the growth of plaques in the arteries, blocking the blood flow and causing heart attacks and strokes. There are two types of cholesterol: exogenous cholesterol - coming from food consumption (eggs, animal fats, etc.), and the endogenous cholesterol - produced by the liver.
Loxicor is a coadiuvant in case of both types of cholesterol: the exogenous one through phytosterols and on the endogenous one through the extracts of the fermented red rice.
Both phytosterols and fermented red rice are natural ingredients with proven efficacy for the cardiovascular system protection. Loxicor in sachets is recommended for the high dosages of phytosterols and for the presence of Q10 Coenzyme that also helps to protect arteries.

Presentations and dosages
Tablets: one tablets per day, in the evening, swallow with water.
Sachets: one per day, in the evening. Let the powder dissolve in a glass of water, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. The product can also be dispersed directly in the mouth, without being dissolved in water.

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