Coadiuvant for cases of inflammations

MUSCLES AND JOINTS HEALTH - Fibrinosil is a coadiuvant in case of muscular pain and for joints and tissue inflammations.

How it works
The inflammation is the natural response of the immune system that delivers specific substances through the blood. The blood vessels dilate to facilitate the transport of such defensive substances.
The consequent dilatation of the veins is very painful and possible consequent blood spillage produces swellings and local temperature increase.
Eventually inflammations generates pain, swelling, localized heat and reddening.
Fibrinosil contains effective natural substances.
In particular, Boswellia and Devil’s Claw support normal joint functioning.

Presentations and dosages
Sachets: let the powder dissolve in a glass of water, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. The product can also be dispersed directly in the mouth, without being dissolved in water.
Tablets: one per day.

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