we want to deliver highly effective natural products, based on organic ingredients studied to prevent or cure pathologies and improve the general well-being of people.

Italian excellence, focusing on the new frontiers of healthcare

Logidex is an Italian manufacturer of nutraceutical health supplements.
The company, based in the beautiful area of Piedmont, was established in 2012.
Since then it has grown fast, building its reputation on the solid scientific experience and know-how of its founders.
The supplements are developed under the guidance of proven clinical studies and scientific publications.
Since its foundation, Logidex has gained excellent reputation in Italy. Its products are available in all leading pharmacies.

Their efficacy is proven by the fact that thousands of physicians around the country, whether in hospital or private practice, routinely prescribe them to their patients, even though Logidex supplements can be also purchased without medical prescription.
The natural raw materials are selected using the highest pharmaceutical standards and safety protocols.
The production process is designed to offer reliable and effective treatments.

We successfully combine the best Italian quality and state-of-the-art pharmaceutical know-how with the best organic natural ingredients to create products that are effective and safe at the same time.


Logidex is a partner and sponsor of COI, an NGO specialized in no-profit medical and dental care, with active projects both in Italy and abroad.



Loxicor is a supplement prepared according to eas directives and guidelines for the treatement of dyslipidemias


Alguten is a supplement consisting of components that along with proper diet offer an effective aid support in managing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.


Betafolic Plus

For the treatment and prevention of hyperhomocysteinemia cause of micro-circulation vasoconstriction


For the treatment of inflammations



for the treatment of inflammations of the oral mucosa